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K9 Care of Montana Service Dogs For Wounded Warriors & Autisum

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    David Riggs hails from Louisville, KY, has lived and worked throughout the south-eastern U.S and is now settled in the pristine mountain setting of western Montana. David has spent his life dedicated to wildlife, the outdoors, and most importantly, the breeding and training of the Labrador Retrievers.
    In 1984 David experienced a spinal injury leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. David trained his first service dog from a wheelchair in 1986 as he learned to walk again. In 1989 David was diagnosed with AVN (A-vascular necrosis), a joint deterioration disease but his condition motivates him to help others.
    David resides just outside Philipsburg, MT where he operates K9 Care Montana Inc. David’s home companions are his trained Service and Assistance dogs, 7 year old Rocky,4 year old Stormy, and 2 and a half year old Griz. Also in residence is Boulder, a 12 year old rescue horse. David has provided breeding and training services to clients locally and cross country as well. David has trained dogs since 1986 in over 20 states using the training philosophy of “praise, positive reinforcement, and repetition” and derives great pleasure in seeing the success of a 100% satisfied owner with a well­-trained dog. He personally trains ALL K9CM service dogs. David is an avid outdoors-man, who also encourages the non-­consumptive usage of our natural resources, such as wild­life viewing and photography.
    David’s passion for the Labrador Retriever was apparent early on and by the age of 20, he was employed by the largest boarding kennel in the state of Kentucky, Waggin­Tail Kennel. After relocating to Alabama, David opened Retrievers Unlimited Boarding and Training Kennel, where for the next 10 years he trained over 1,000 Labs, marketed Champion A.K.C. titled breeding and pedigrees, maintained a 35­run kennel facility, and attended and participated in over 100 UKC field trials throughout the region. During this time, David attended Auburn University part­ time for eight years in the Studies of Wildlife Science. Further, David has established  “K9 Corners” in two Montana Newspapers; The Philipsburg Mail and the Clark Fork Journal. He published informative articles about dog training and general canine care. In 2009, David founded K9 Care Montana. David immediately began producing litters of Labrador Retriever puppies for which he personally bred and trained as service dogs. All the dogs were successfully placed with wounded veterans and alumni with the Wounded Warrior Project and Project Healing Waters. Both national organizations geared towards recovery and rehabilitation of wounded veterans. In 2013 David and his non­profit were featured in a book called “Travels with Casey” which made the New York Times Best Sellers List in August. 
​     Although David has never served in the military his passion and commitment to serve those who sacrificed so much for our country is a true testament to his dedication to K9 Care Montana's Wounded Warrior Service Dog program.

K9 Care of Montana

"Our mission is to locate and train puppies to become assistance dogs for individuals living with a broad range of disabilities, who are unable to train their own assistance dogs. Highly trained assistance dogs provide greater independence in the lives of those individuals living with disabilities. PAD also assists individuals in finding and training their own assistance dogs if they desire to train their own dog."

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Part of the reason I wanted to raise Golden Retrievers(other than my absolute love for Goldens) is to raise Goldens with the temperaments & health to be Service Dogs. Please take a moment to read & possibly donate to some pretty outstanding organizations.

P.A.D & K9 Care Montana. 

Golden Retrievers today are certainly known for their beauty.  They are a dog with a kindly expression, pretty dark eyes, and a wagging tail.  Golden Retrievers are also known for their temperament.  A well bred Golden Retriever is gentle, kind, loving, loyal, happy, confident and outgoing.  Neither lazy nor hyper, today's golden retrievers blend easily into many family settings.  But, despite the beauty and the gentleness, Golden Retriever excel at obedience as well.  Golden Retrievers strive to please their owners and, once taught what the owner desires, the Golden Retriever will astound you with their willingness to please.  It is of interest to note that the first three dogs to achieve their A.K.C. Obedience Trial Championships were Golden Retrievers.

Our Goal here at ElkRidge Goldens is to raise Healthy & Well Balanced Golden Retrievers. 

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Our Goldens are an everyday part of our lives. They are our Family. Our Friends. Our Companions.

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We are located about a 1/2 hour West of Helena, Montana. Our Goldens are raised on a working cattle ranch here in Avon Montana. We are truly blessed to be where we are & we take full advantage of our Great Outdoors. From the Creek that runs through the property to the mountains right outside our front door. From our home to yours our goldens are raised to be a companion & a friend.